By Tim Drake | Perspective News – 20th February 2017.

DNA has been uncovered in a woodland area in the north of London. In the early hours of this morning [5am according to forensics] a young white male and female in their late 20s who had just been walking their two dogs stumbled across horrific pieces of evidence that were left behind at the scene. Once called, forensic units from London were quickly scrambled to the area along with multiple units of police to study the surrounding area’s and gain an understanding the occurrence of events. Murder is the most likely scenario during the early stages of this investigation as multiple traces of blood have been found, as well as possible weapons, personal evidence and also a car around 200 meters away from the scene.

“Murder or extreme violence needs to be taken into serious consideration. From the evidence shown a solution towards this case needs to be found. Time is of the essence.”

As a well obscured place covered in trees and foliage it is quite well possible that this monstrosity has occurred during the wilderness of the night. From a brief inspection of the scene it has been made out that pools of blood have been left on surrounding wildlife such as tree’s and the forest floor. While speaking to officers around the scene it has been established that a body has still not been pronounced as the forensic team test the blood samples for a trace through their database as it has become increasingly important that the victim is established. With the multiple pieces of evidence that have been covered at the scene including multiple sets of footprints, personal items and blood samples scattered across a possible weapon and on the bark of a near by tree give a positive chance of uncovering what has happened. Here at Perspective news our rapid response news crew was able to gain a interview with one of the eye witness and here’s what they had to say. “It’s hard to understand why something so brutal like this could actually happen. I’m barley coming to terms of what I witness as it’s going to be a struggle for me. On behalf of everyone I just hope this gets fixed. People deserve answers to this hard catastrophe.” After interviewing people around the scene which included certain members of the police it was established that a “hoax” call was dial ed during the stages of the night calming that a murder has taken place. It was not forwarded correctly in which police are now trying track the device that the call was made on to develop the lead on the case.

Just standing back 5 feet from the scene officers have refused yet to rule murder out of the equation at this stage into the investigation. After 18 years in the service police officer Peter Meier stated “It’s rare to see something so gory and violent in this area. After a vast amount of years on the force I don’t find it difficult to come to terms with what has happened however it could have a disastrous effect on the community.”



A Mazda found at the back of the forest abandoned [suspect car] which is under investigation by the Forensic unit of the metropolitan police.

Towards the entrance at the forest a suspect car was spotted abandoned and beyond wrecking point. Upon further inspection several windows have been smashed, the wiring has been removed from the interior of the car. Plates have been removed and at this stage the car is being forensically examined for fingerprints and any leads that could possibly allow the police to further continue with the case and investigation. While being linked towards the scene is the most likely option any traces of blood have not be found. A man posing under the name of Howard Williams however during the first few hours of the scene being discovered was acting suspiciously around the vehicle and has since been taken into questioning by Metropolitan Police due to him wearing white rubber disposal gloves at the scene trying to dispose shards of glass that has assembled on the floor from the broken side window. Before being searched before he was later taken away from the scene once his pockets were emptied the single thing to fall out was a silver plated lighter. A possible motive was to burn the Micheal without knowing it had been found since there was still 1/3 of petrol left in the tank of the car.

“The receipt is crucial”

Upon further inspection of the crime scene vast amounts of evidence was uncovered. Including the following. A receipt. Chance is it can be traced through the card purchase. Police are now appealing for any information that may arise and are calling for any people to come forward. They have encouraged to look at the possible evidence thoroughly for any readers to see if they can help. If so contact us through our contact page or contact police in your local area.



UPDATE | 22nd February 2017: Police have now detained a further three more suspects in coming to a conclusion of the events that have occurred. Tony Hilbert and two other unknown people have been taken to Scotland Yard for further questioning. Stay tuned for a further update.

UPDATE | 25 February 2017: One of the four suspects named Arnold Crawford has confessed to murdering a young adult [Joey Pascani] an American exchange student who had been living in the area for under a month. His identity was found after tracing his card back through a receipt that was found in the surrounding area. It is now understood that Joey’s body is currently being searched for after Crawford admintting that he had dumped the body in a near by river hoping that it would be washed away. Divers have been scrambled to the area to search while it is understood that Pascani is to be trailed with in the coming weeks.

UPDATE | 29 February 2017: The trail has been confirmed for the 7th March as Crawford is estimated to spend life imprisonment.



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