By Lauren Oak | Perspective News 20th February 2017

America Is one of the main producers of CO2 in the atmosphere to current day however due to Obama’s last minute global warming plans could this be controlled? Initially limits towards coal carbon dioxide producing power plants also including electricity, and long term effects towards the situation.

Obama’s proposal suggests that the limit on coal-fired power stations need to be addressed. “The clean power plan.” Obama wants to leave something behind that will effect the world and this is his way of just doing that. On behalf of America with his last breath he is trying to enforce the pledge against global warming. When it comes towards statistics the greenhouse emissions have already risen from 26 to 28% and while they tackle the biggest issue of power stations from 40% how will this effect the current economy from taking a big hit. This could be counteracted however as the increase of renewable energy needs to be introduced at the same rate in which the power stations are going to be shut down. Long term Obama wants the greatest chances of survival for the younger generation.

“Swimming in Hawaii, climbing a mountain then seeing a glacier. This is not an option. Lives disrupted while millions will become effected.”

For this to happen however backing needs to be considered. The National Mining Association has stated that they are going to try and block this movement due to the lost in the industry and potentially billions of pounds being lost. The idea for the mining companies is to block through the federal court towards the Environmental Protection Agency in the aim to refusing to submit compliance plans. for the upcoming scheme.

The global record for temperature again has gone up for the third consecutive month which was recorded by NASA concluding to make to even more apparent for change within the world. The temperatures have led to unprecedented consequences, particularly in the Arctic where sea ice levels this winter have hit record lows. International icon David Attenborough stated in a recent interview that “We can’t afford to be fatigued about climate change. “While you have to take the bigger view; you have to respect the findings of people who spend their lives surveying this world and controlling fossil fuels and emissions is just the start of that.


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