By Peter Hansen | Perspective News – 20th February 2017.

Lauri Love who has a serious case of Asperger’s has been ruled by a US judge stating that the Brit “SHOULD” be extradited following his actions of allegedly hacking into NASA and also FBI to gain data and information. Lauri’ 31 completed the act from a British computer targeting the US and in which the judge has claimed he could spend up to 99 years imprisonment for his actions. As well as carrying out his actions over the past days it’s become apparent people are protesting due to his metal health issues that he should not need to go through these conditions of “harassment

One of these people is his very own father who suggests that |

“It’s not fair for a boy with metal health issues to be taken. We have more confidence in God rather than the legal system of the US.”

Support is starting to appeal however with a similar case occurring back in 2012 while Prime Minister, once Home security Theresa May blocked an extradition.

Love himself has now even stated that because he has suffered with depression and also eczema in the past if he was to be found guilty and to go to jail then he could be driven towards a metal breakdown or even further to the point of suicide however this was ruled out as the judge was satisfied that the prison medical system would be able to deal with the issue if it was to arise and that “provision would be very adequate“.



It was stated that Love planted a backdoor in the shells in the systems of NASA and the FBI so that he could utilise their weak points and gain access towards DATA which was claimed that he caused multiple millions of pounds worth of damage towards the systems. The US judge stated “The US has ruthlessly persecuted hackers and digital activists for years, and nobody expects that to improve under President Trump.” Theresa May set a good example by protecting Gary McKinnon back in 2012. For a home secretary in her government now to willingly send a brilliant and vulnerable UK citizen to Donald Trump’s America beggars belief.

It is said that within the next few weeks we will find the final outcome of Lauri Love it which will he be extradited from the UK heading towards the US.


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