By James Bramel | Perspective News – 20th February 2017

White House No.2. Will Farage work as a “unofficial” ally in the movement of Donald Trump? Same mindset, polices and ethic as a role becoming an advertiser would suit Nigel. While putting scrutiny on the current prime minister Theresa May, Farage accepts their could be a role within the white-house as an English ambassador despite his former loss during the recent election.



Nigel Farage has had a close relationship with Trump for sometime now as it seems. Being originally a promotional endorsement for his campaign until the inauguration supporting his views and options that he wants to accomplish. A famous statement from Farage suggesting that Trump is…

“Brexit Plus Plus Plus”

At the inauguration it was easy to see that their relationship is blossoming thoroughly. He started to praise his love and passion for successfully accomplishing Brexit at a Trump hosted party. Farage had met his match and stated that he is the only person that can make him feel like an introvert. While multiple other MPs attended the Trump party can the combination between the two create a new movement. Since His astounding win anti-Trump supporters have already taken to the street protesting about the events that have occurred. However in denial  British ambassador members have since stated that they are happy with the current ambassador for the US and that their is no vacancy currently available. Matched with “supposed” comments from Downing street stating that Farage which described him as “irrelevance“. While also disconcertingly being described as a “humble man who just believes in doing the right thing to make sure that he achieves greatness.” In Trumps word he believes that Britain can be great once again. To boost this in the last coming days Farage has backed Trump’s latest comments on a Swedish town stating that it could now be the “the rape capital of the world“. Trump had been previously commenting on a terrorist attack that had formed the day before his speech in which later Farage appeared on the popular LBC show and was then quick to defend the republican of his latest comments.



Due to the current state of European politics the former UKIP leader was uncertain about the new appointment of Trump stating that before he had ogrinally met him he was “absolutely terrified.” however “things do change very quickly.” Upon this he then started to further talk about the existing UKIP leader Paul Nuttall to finally win the race. “The labour party for example  are going to struggle to encourage their voters into the next election. ”

“Trump gets what needs to be done, done. It’s nothing more than that and never will be.”

People (British public) are warming towards the idea of Trump” stated Farage after the first week in charge in which he had already passed a slew of controversial executive orders. He did say however at the start of the campaign the public’s opinion of Trump was low however since rally’s started to gain attention and through Trump’s business advertisement techniques he has gained recognition. To show the increase in popularity towards trump a figure was shown in which showed 72% thought that Theresa May should call out Trump’s antics however stating that it could effect the relationship drastically. 40% also thought that his presidency would be bad for the UK overall and effect the relationship between the two nations. despite the constant gain in support from people Trump has announced that later in the year he would be visiting the UK in which quickly was broadcast ed across social media in preparation for “the biggest rally of the year.” Farage stating however that the majority of the bad publicity that has been gained in the year has come from the media manipulating the information stating that “they focus on things that don’t matter.”

The biggest thing for the the relationship now is for it not to become toxic. Only time will tell the relationship between the two becomes beneficial towards cause and for both the nations.


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