By Peter Hansen | Perspective News – 20th February 2017. Lauri Love who has a serious case of Asperger’s has been ruled by a US judge stating that the Brit “SHOULD” be extradited following his actions of allegedly hacking into NASA and also FBI to gain data and information. Lauri’ 31 completed the act from […]

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By Tim Drake | Perspective News – 20th February 2017. DNA has been uncovered in a woodland area in the north of London. In the early hours of this morning [5am according to forensics] a young white male and female in their late 20s who had just been walking their two dogs stumbled across horrific […]

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By James Bramel | Perspective News – 20th February 2017 White House No.2. Will Farage work as a “unofficial” ally in the movement of Donald Trump? Same mindset, polices and ethic as a role becoming an advertiser would suit Nigel. While putting scrutiny on the current prime minister Theresa May, Farage accepts their could be […]

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By Lauren Oak | Perspective News 20th February 2017 America Is one of the main producers of CO2 in the atmosphere to current day however due to Obama’s last minute global warming plans could this be controlled? Initially limits towards coal carbon dioxide producing power plants also including electricity, and long term effects towards the […]

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